The Maze of Games

This is an amazing book!

Eighteen years in the making, famous puzzle and game designer Mike Selinker brings us the world's first and only interactive puzzle novel.

It's a real novel, about two Victorian children who go into the library, open the wrong book, and meet very much the wrong gentleman! He traps them inside the book, and they must solve puzzles in order to escape.

And you must solve puzzles in order to read their story, because the pages of this book are in random order! In order to know which page to turn to next, you must solve the puzzle where you are: it's like a “Solve Your Own Adventure” book!

The story is broken up into four chapters, each of which is structured around its own maze, which helps you learn where to go next. The puzzles in the book start out easy enough, but they get tougher and tougher as you go!

In addition to being a rich and ambitious puzzle adventure, this book is simply gorgeous! Lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed, it's destined to become one of your prized possessions.

Can you help the children escape from the evil Gatekeeper?

The Maze of Games

8.5 by 11 inches, 192 pages, hardcover
Difficulty:  (Challenging)
$50 each